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Many people in this field believe it to be unethical to have a testimonial page, even if the client or former client agrees to post. Holly takes this policy seriously, because she believes that soliciting positive feedback taints the therapist/client relationship. Even though Holly has received countless letters and cards filled with appreciation from clients, she does not share these words, even anonymously, because your privacy is her number one priority.

Some therapists will even go so far as to ask their clients to post positive reviews about them. This creates what is called a "dual relationship." The therapist then has a benefit financially from that client, other than the standard fee. Holly's long history of success and reliability speaks for itself. Schedule a consultation call with her so you can see the care and respect that she shows her clients.


Please call or email for more information.

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Phone: 626-376-3098


Holly Freeling

Psychotherapy, Counseling
& Teletherapy

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